The Ultimate Powerhouse Team

Be a part of the EXCITEMENT!
JUNE18 *prospective new members
Minis/Jrs (ages K5-11) 9:00am
Teens/Seniors (ages 12-18) 10:00pm
**Parent and Dance Meeting immediately following auditions @ 11:00am.
Please email
to express your interest.
Include your name, age, and how much dance experience you have.
ALL AGES  are welcome to audition to be part of our POWERHOUSE team!
HEY Tiny Tots Ages 3-PK5!
Ask us how YOU can be part of our
UDF Powerhouse Team! 
No audition for this age! Let Miss Annette, Team Director, know you want to be part of our UDF Team!

We are proud to offer our POWERHOUSE dancers choreography that has officially been recognized as "outstanding" and "cutting edge" by dance competitions around the nation. Our choreography consistently wins NATIONAL awards for TOP SCORES, TITLE WINNERS, STYLE, TECHNIQUE, CHOREOGRAPHY, ENTERTAINMENT & SPECIAL JUDGES AWARDS!


When choosing who you want to compete with,

go with the BEST and GROW exponentially! 





Team Ballet Tech



Team Tech Skills


Top Gun

Acro and/or Hip Hop and/or Musical Theater

**Team rehearsal fee will be added when

Team Rehearsals are scheduled!!

The POWERHOUSE TEAM  equally represents ULTIMATE DANCE FLORIDA at performances for the community, competitions and conventions.


Our Team is made up of well rounded dancers who want to dance in the community for friends, family, and share our philanthropic vision of dance. We also will be marching in a parade(s)! Competition and conventions are a required part of our competitive program.


Though no one attends dance competitions to “lose”, WINNING TROPHIES IS NOT OUR GOAL! Our dancers are always challenged with a variety of styles of choreography with the intent of gaining dance skills that will be used in the professional dance world. We don’t create pieces asking “what can we do to win?” but “what can we give these dancers to help them improve and develop their performance skills, artistry, and refine their technique?".

We are very proud to offer a superior level dance team for those who wish to take their dancing to the new heights!

We believe that a well rounded dancer is the best dancer!



All dancers will be expected to execute the following to the BEST of their ability;

Right AND Left Split, no hand support

Right AND Left Heel Stretch (turn: Elite or hold: Intermediate) 

Right AND Left Pirouette; 

           Intermediate: Minis 1 revolution, Juniors 2 revolutions, Teens and Seniors 3 revolutions 

               Elite: Minis 3 revolutions, Juniors 4 revolutions, Teens and Seniors 5 revolutions

Short Ballet barre and center adagio

Across the floor combo(s); multi level

32 count choreography combo to learn and do for judges

Improv skills

Special skill they want to share for "extra points" 

30 second solo, choreographed by student, with their own music, showcasing their BEST style (10 points) ages 9+ only

A brief written essay as to why you want to be a part of the UDF Powerhouse Team, and what commitment means to you. Include a plan as to how you will maintain schoolwork with grades of A/B's only.

Additional skills we will be looking for;

*confidence in movement

*faces appropriate to style of dance

*technique and potential to improve current technique

*ability to listen to and follow details of any combo presented


We are looking for a DANCERS who have a STRONG work ethic, excellent attendance, want to improve in their dancing, all while making life long friends. We also are looking for an above average ability to focus, as choreography and corrections come very fast. Team dancers need a "thick skin" and understand corrections are for the improvement of not only their dancing, but the entire team. Our team is committed to the studio, each other, and striving to be the BEST! This is a COMMITMENT to classes and rehearsals.

Please be sure you are capable of the time and commitment required of our Team prior to auditioning.

PARENTS must have proven they can follow directions, communicate in a non-confrontational manner, and be willing to commit to the time commitment and financial responsibilities associated with Team membership. Parents must also have a "thick skin" when it comes to their child's corrections, consequences of inappropriate actions, including judges comments. Parents must start to help their children develop communication skills with their teachers, avoiding interfering with that communication whenever possible. They must encourage their children to speak with their teachers directly with questions or concerns. They also need to understand that there is nothing unusual about a dancer that occasionally cries when they get home from dance. Most of the time it is out of frustration, or they are struggling with the overall difficulty of an advancing dance curriculum. Those emotions are completely normal, and unless the dancer is never happy after class or has more complaints than positives, parents should assist their dancer in working through whatever it is that is bothering them and help them gain perspective, without interfering with the training or attempting to alter the circumstances. For our Senior Team, ages 14+, by this stage in their training, dancers are working as if they are planning to enter a college dance program or begin to audition after graduation, whether or not they actually end up doing so. They cannot make the decision to train that way any later than when beginning high school, or it will be too late. 
Senior Dancers; Parents are now no longer part of the communication process between dancer and teacher. Parents communicate with the studio manager and director, about finances or the dancer’s health, unless it is some sort of unusual circumstance. Dancers will often come home and vent to their parents (not only about dance- but about life!) but it doesn’t mean they want their parent to step in and pass on what they have vented! When it is important, they must communicate it and discuss it themselves, with the director. 

Dancers and parents need to accept that they will not always be in agreement with some of the decisions that are made, such as casting or class placement. No one dancer or parent can possibly have all the information that the teachers have to make the decisions we make, nor will they be privy to information regarding other dancers. Just as in the professional dance world or in the college audition process, when a dancer isn't selected for a role or a program, it is regarded and accepted as part of the process- it is not a failure or a slight and it's NEVER personal. For every 100 jobs a dancer auditions for, they're lucky if they get 2 of them. They must learn to let things roll off of their backs and not dwell on any disappointment. Not all are emotionally equipped to handle that part of competitive dance. They learn from a very young age that "you win some, you lose some" just like in life! This aspect of competitive dance prepares them for later years. When they interview for a job that they do not get, are not accepted to their "dream college" or are cut from an actual audition, they are quite often much more prepared than their peers to process those emotions. 

When it comes to competition choreography, the repertoire for the season is structured like a pyramid. ALL team members participate in a production group piece. From there, we will break the teams down into large groups, smaller groups, duo/trios and finally solos. Our group dances take precedence over any "special", as that is, after all, what team is about! All of the choreography is by invitation only with the director casting the groups, duo/trios, and selecting soloists. Senior dancers are able to REQUEST certain choreographers and/or duo/trio partners but final decisions are made by the director.