Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to sign a contract? NO!! That would be crazy!! We are a performing arts studio for children  (and adults) and realize children change their mind about things. Sometimes it just becomes necessary to drop a class or dance all together for a while. All we ask for is our withdrawal form completed with our office staff before the 1st of the month, so that we can open up your spot to another dancer and halt your auto-pay for the following month. And of course you are always welcome back (pending room in the class)! {auto-pay is deactivated 30 days after the office receives the DROP Form}


2. What is your dance season? We have two. Our summer session is from when the school year ends to the beginning of school. This is when we have our SIZZLIN' SUMMER DANCE CAMPS and SKIP IN TO SUMMER CLASSES. 


3. Do you have a dress code? Yes we do. Dance is a disciplined art and we do believe in a dress code for our students. However, we do not believe is ranking or leveling them by color, as in our opinion, building self confidence and a family atmosphere is more important than the color of the leotard a dancer wears. All our our  wear burgundy, regardless of "level". Please see our dress code for more specifics. We do expect all dancers to be in dress code by September 1.


4. Is your lobby air conditioned? We think this is a funny question but we seem to be getting it a lot! Yes, our Suntree  lobby is a very cool temperature (and actually pretty cold after 7-ish!) for those waiting. Our Palm Bay/Melbourne lobby is very nicely appointed as well. We recommend you bring a water bottle, to refill,  as we have filtered water but do not supply cups!


5. How do I join the POWERHOUSE DANCE TEAM? We hold auditions for this very prestigious team every summer. If you missed auditions, but would like to be a part of the team, you can contact Ms. Annette for a private audition. We would love to have you! However, once we begin choreography, all teams are closed to new members for that year.


6. Are your teachers adults? ABSOLUTELY! All of our teachers are adults and professionals in the industry. We do have experienced, advanced level teens who assistant in many of our classes. We also offer our qualified Seniors who have trained with us for many years the opportunity to "Apprentice Teach" certain classes. These dancers have met rigorous requirements set forth by Ms. Annette, and have shown an interest and desire to share their knowledge through teaching.


7. What ballet curriculum do you offer? We are proud to include the American Ballet Theater National Training curriculum for our ballet students. This curriculum is respected world wide. We also have many students participate in the Joffrey Ballet School Summer Intensives. 


8. Can I try a class? OF COURSE!! We want you to find "just the right fit" and offer complimentary classes (through December) for you to do just that! A parent must accompany you (and stay on premises) to fill out a brief form.


9. Are your fees published online? Yes. Class tuition is calculated by the amount of hours a student dances and/or tumbles. Music information coming soon.


10. Can I watch classes? We will be installing a closed circuit system so that you may view classes from our lobby.  Please do not allow children to stand on chairs to see in the rooms as it is both dangerous and distracting! ALL VIEWING IS COVERED FROM VALENTINE'S DAY on for our teachers to work on and perfect recital dances! They are a surprise for the audience that way!! *no viewing window in room 2 in Melbourne


11. Do you have a recital, and if so, is there a fee? Yes, we produce a year end dance show every fall dance season. Each location will have it's own show. This is a great time for dancers to show what they have learned in class! We do not charge a recital fee, however we do have a media fee, which includes a link to the actual recital .  Everyone does require a ticket to the show, and of course you will have to purchase a costume and recital finale shirt!

12. How do I register?  REGISTRATION is ongoing online depending on the season or give us a call during any of our regular business hours! We look forward to you joining our ULTIMATE family! 


Something you want to ask that is not listed here? Just email us at .