Class Descriptions

ALL of our classes are taught by an expert, professional, qualified faculty, with Powerhouse Team class assistants in many of our younger classes. Our adult instructors are members of various professional dance organizations and will guide the dancer in reaching their fullest potential, while gaining confidence and self esteem. And lets not forget... most importantly- with a smile on their face! All of our class ages are as of September 1, 2020.

Recital Ballet

​Ballet is fundamental to ALL forms of dance. Our professional staff will take the beginner dancers through the basics as well as our advanced dancers to the top. While we incorporate various methods and expose our dancers to various schools, we expose students to ABT philosophies. From the barre, to adagio, allegro, and the grande reverance, students will experience a classical ballet class. Vocabulary is stressed, for when students attend class outside of our studio, we want to be sure they know their terminology! Pointe and pre-pointe classes are offered to dancers whose ability warrant an invitation to the appropriate class. (45 minute-1.5 hour class) *Pointe and Pre-Pointe must also enroll in both ballet classes for their age and Top Gun class.


​Jazz is a great way to experience dance! Students are introduced to a variety of styles, including Fosse, LA style, Broadway, Classical, and American. As contemporary dance becomes more prominent, this style has found it's way into our classes as well. Students who take jazz are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to also take ballet- as many terms cross over from class to class. 


Lyrical is about "telling a story to the lyrics or feeling of the music". While one class may be working on a beautiful uplifting piece, the next class may be dancing to a tough "issue" that is being expressed.  The emotional content of the piece – humor, pathos, love, anger – as well as the story itself, is communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole. Students are REQUIRED to take our UDF RECITAL Ballet class. We strongly believe this properly prepares them for the work involved with lyrical dance. 



Hip Hop

This class is all about the funk! Hip hop dance refers to dance styles, mainly street dance styles, primarily danced to hip hop music, or that have evolved as a part of the hip hop culture. The first and original dance associated with hip hop is breakdance, which appeared in New York City during the early 1970s and truly became a cornerstone (or "element") of hip hop as a culture. In the 1990s, as hip hop music took new forms, new dance styles began appearing, most of them danced in an upright manner in contrast to breakdance with its many ground moves. These later styles are sometimes referred to as new school or new style while the older styles, including breakdance and various funk styles that were incorporated into hip hop, are considered old school. Students will be exposed to both east coast and west coast styles, as well as "old school" as it makes its comeback and new school that is here now! Expect to break a sweat and have some fun in here as you bust that move! This class is assigned by age to keep moves and music age appropriate for the dancers. 


TumbleTots & 

UDF acro classes are taught by an experienced instructor. While many studios offer acro, we feel it is imperative for the safety of our students that we offer them a well qualified instructor with years of experience as an acrobat who has fundamental knowledge of skill based levels. Our students are placed by ability, and the instructor does have final say in their placement. We concentrate on flexibility, strength, and total proper placement and technique. Students may be moved from level to level as skills change. Ballet classes are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for Level 1 & 2, and required for Level 3 and up.



Rhythm, syncopation, and fun are all part of our tap classes. From "hoofing" and getting down into the floor, to the up tall and Broadway tap style, we teach it all. Students are encourage to take ballet class, as ankle strength and foot flexibilty are an important element for the successful tap dancer. Tap is very skill based and we may re-level your dancer during evaluations.


Preschool Children's Combo Classes
​ (Ballet and Tap)

Our PRESCHOOL CLASSES are age specific (children must be the class age as of September 1st) and designed to meet the needs of each developmental level, both physically and emotionally. Each of these age classes offer a combination class of ballet and tap. These classes Tiny Dancers and Creative Dance, introduce our sweetest little dancers the idea of movement to music. Rhythm, counting, left/right, and basic classroom procedures make this class an experience for the dancers to learn basic etiquette and have an ULTIMATE time as they enter into dance classes! ​Our professional teacher will instruct your dancer in the developmentally appropriate movement for their bodies and minds. This class is fun, yet the dancer will leave with a beginning vocabulary of ballet and tap terminology. 




Ballet/Lyrical and 
Jazz/Tap Combo

Our Jazz/Tap (ages 5-7) and Ballet/Lyrical (ages 5-7) Combo class is a FUN and EXCITING way to allow your dancer to experience two genres of dance in an hour long class. Jazz fundamentals and tap basics or beginning Ballet and Lyrical foundation are taught in a safe, happy, POSITIVE environment where learning is sure to occur!


We strongly believe that students cannot possibly learn anything well when they are cramming 3 or 4 types of dance into only 45 minutes! This is the reasoning behind UDF separating our classes with only 2 combined subjects in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade. We know you will agree when you see the results!





TOP GUN  CLASS & Leaps, Flex, & Turns
Technique only classes!
*no recital dances

Our TECHNIQUE ONLY classes are required of our Powerhouse Team members, but open to all UDF dancers who are enrolled in at least  ballet and 2 other classes. 


This class will focus on;





Core Strength


and other skills to enhance our regular dance classes and the dancer. 


This class is not for the faint at heart, as our UDF instructors will be pushing the students to exceed beyond their own expectations and outside of their comfort zones. The dancers will be sore, sweaty, and red-faced at the end of each class. The end result will be a stronger, more flexible, technically strong, confident dancer!





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